Real Voices: Amy Edwards

Give automotive a go!

As an LCV Apprentice Technician, Amy has a love of problem solving. Whether it’s on a vehicle or a process within the workshop, there’s always something that needs fixing or improving. She enjoys how the people she works with come together as a team to get the job done – with plenty of banter along the way.

Amy’s always had an awareness of the automotive sector as her dad is an HGV technician. She’d never thought about joining the sector herself until she saw an advert for a service advisor job within the organisation her dad and brother worked for. With her customer service background in retail, she thought she should just give it a go.

She says that the biggest misconception about automotive is that a role in a workshop is for people who aren’t clever enough to succeed elsewhere.

But Amy says she’s never met a master technician who hasn’t completely blown her mind with the amount of knowledge they have.

So many people seem to think that a technician’s job is a dirty one but, as Amy says, the direction the sector is headed with electrification means it’s quite the opposite. What’s more, the added safety concerns around EV means that everyone’s given a good level of training.

Amy is currently on her third role within automotive, and the skills she acquired in her previous roles have helped her massively.

Amy’s words of wisdom

“I can’t imagine working in any other industry! There are so many opportunities in this sector that you’re bound to find something that’s for you. Take advantage of work experience and apprenticeships and even just pop into a local site and ask any questions you have. We’re a sector in need so you won’t be turned away.
You get out what you put in – if you want training, there are so many courses and qualifications out there. There are pathways depending on the company you work for that can get you on the right path for career development and promotions.”