Real Voices: Ayub Moosa

Never stop learning.

When Ayub left school, he wanted to go into computing. It was during that time when computers were shifting from a 486 PC to a Pentium – a big moment for the computer sector.

Joining college, Ayub enrolled on a computing class; however, from the first day, he disliked it as he’d been placed on a specific computer programming course.

Reaching out for career advice, Ayub was directed to automotive. With a father who worked in a car accessories shop, it wasn’t Ayub’s first time in a garage. Often visiting his dad to help out, Ayub got to grips with the different parts – he found it a huge confidence boost to know the difference between a brake pad or an alternator.

Continuing into further education, an apprenticeship opportunity popped up at a Volkswagen dealership. And from there? It was just onward and upwards for Ayub. Beginning his studies at Blackburn College in 1995, Ayub graduated in 2016 after his apprenticeship morphed into securing a job as a technician at the college.

Starting as a technician, Ayub looked after all the tools and equipment in the workshops – the ramps, the cars, and worked with the lecturers to ensure it was all working. And later down the line, he became an assessor at the college, followed by roles as a teacher and a manager.

The beauty Ayub has found in his career is that he’s touched base with many roles; he’s experienced in being a technician, an assessor and a teacher. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Ayub has learned to understand the mindset of his team and the students. Tackling and solving challenges every day, his experience has made it easier for him to foresee issues coming down the line and to know when to step in.

Ayub’s words of wisdom

“Some days are good, but some days are hard – the main thing is to concentrate on the positives and never stop learning and sharing what you’ve learned. That’s the bit people forget; they get the information, learn it, and don’t pass it on.”